Electric Wolf was recorded in early January, 2005. I was eighteen years old, and had been living in New York City for almost two and half years. Adam Chilenski knew a guy who had a studio way up in Maine, in the woods. We trekked up there. The five of us. Myself, Adam, Daniel Levine, Eliot Cardinaux and Jonathan Rossman. We were very young. 

This album sat on a broken computer for the last ten years. I'm not sure why I never released it. Something about getting too busy. Traveling too much. Moving past it, stylistically. And yet, it always stayed in my mind. 

I am deeply proud of this music. It still resonates with me. It still fills me up, just as it did when we made it ten years ago in a snow-bound cabin in the woods.

Visit the bandcamp page, where you can buy the album. 

Pay whatever you feel comfortable offering.